How Will We Have Our Sessions?

We will have sessions over a program called Zoom. It is very similar to skype, the only difference is that it is secure and you don’t need to download anything. I will send you a link via email before each session. All you have to do is click it a few minutes before. 

We can do video sessions or voice only sessions, depending on your preference.

What Are Your Prices?

I charge £40 for a 1-hour session. I offer a discounted price of £35 for students and unemployed people. 20 minute phone consultations are free. 

How Do I Book An Appointment With You?

You can click the button at the bottom of this page to schedule a 20 minute consultation. You will be taken to a booking page where you will see my availability. 

Alternatively, you can call me or send me an email letting me know more about you and when you will be free for us to have a session. 

Click Here to go to my contact page. 

What Are Therapy Sessions Like?

It is common to start sessions talking about how your week has been and what you’ve found challenging, as well as any improvements you’ve felt during the week. 

In each session, we will work on unravelling what is distressing you so that over time we can evolve and make a truly new picture. 

We will work on identifying why you are struggling and identify the negative thoughts or behaviours that might be bringing this about. 

I would love to say that therapy is easy, but this isn’t always the case. It is a journey in itself, daunting at first, but filled with possibility.

How Long Does Therapy Take?

A good question, but a difficult one to answer. The length of therapy depends on the issues you want to address. Every person is different, some people report feeling much better after 6 sessions, but choose to stay in therapy to continue to grow. The goal in therapy is to take something useful away from every session and cultivate your own growth over time. 

How long you choose to stay in therapy is up to you. Therapy comes to an end when you feel like you have achieved the goals you had when you started therapy, and any new ones that might have emerged in the process. 

Will You Give Me Advice About How To Live My Life?

I won’t, there’s plenty of people that will be happy to do that for free (friends, family,…). 

Instead, I will support you to uncover the answers that lie within you about how to live according to your own values. 

Are You A Member By Any Recognised Professional Body?

Yes, I am a member of the UKCP and you can see my profile here. Being a member of the UKCP means that I abide by their codes of ethics and that I must complete ongoing training to make sure my knowledge and skills are up to date.

Do You Undergo Regular Supervision To Ensure Your Work Is Up To Standard?

Yes, I undergo regular supervision of my work. This ensures that my work is safe and that I am providing the best help possible for my clients.

Why Should I Choose Online Therapy?

Online therapy can be just as effective as face to face therapy.

There are a few advantages that might make it a better option for you:

  • Less time and money spent making it to sessions.
  • More convenience means you are less likely to skip sessions due to poor weather or other obstacles.
  • You can choose your own comfortable space to have your sessions.
  • After an emotional session, you won’t have to get yourself together for the time it takes you to get home. You will already be in a safe comfortable place to process whatever emotions might arise.
Are You Covered By Professional Insurance?

Yes. I always strive to do my best work and help everyone I work with. But if anything were to go wrong, I have professional insurance to deal with any reasonable claims you might bring forward. This is standard practice for counsellors and psychotherapists.

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