If you are thinking about reaching out, the first step is to contact me for your free phone consultation so we can get acquainted and see if working together is right for you. 

In those 20 minutes, you’ll get a chance to talk about why you are considering therapy. We will talk about what your situation is, what you are looking for and how I can help. 

Online Sessions

Once we decide we are a good fit, we will set a time to talk each week.

We will talk over Zoom. This is a secure platform where we conduct our sessions. No need to download anything. I will send you a link via email a few minutes before each session. I offer both video and audio-only sessions, depending on your preference.

On some occasions, though not always, our conversations will lead us to talking about the past. What we experience today is a result of everything that has happened to us up to that moment. We develop beliefs about how the world works and about how we should relate to others. We often carry these beliefs into the present, where they affect how we live our lives. In therapy you will be able to discover how these experiences have affected you. 

Therapy Is A Process

We will work on discovering something new each session, but the real benefit of therapy comes when one perseveres and embraces the process.

In therapy we address all parts of your life, help you make sense of it and integrate all aspects of your life.

Get Help When You Need It

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