Do I Really Need Counselling?

Things aren’t that good, but you’ve learnt to survive. You could just wait for things to get better. But you are tired of the constant stonewalling, criticism and the arguments that appear out of nowhere. 

Counselling isn’t only for people with children considering divorce. People in all stages of their relationship can benefit from talking things through with a therapist.

I help individuals with relationship issues. If you’re unhappy with your relationships, past or present, then I can help.

Tired Of The Same Old Story

People that reach out to me have had it with miscommunication, blame, distance, disconnection,…

You’re in separate corners, feeling lost and frustrated. You’ve tried to make things work on your own, you’ve really tried, but you are stuck. Will things ever change?

Chances are this story has been playing out for a while, maybe months, or even years. 

This might is affecting many areas of your life, work, friendships, sex life, well-being, and sleep!

There is no blueprint for relationships. When issues like jealousy, intimacy, finances, or distancing occur, it is hard to know how you can change this, or if you should even keep trying…

Counselling can help

Bringing in a third party can make all the difference. Someone to talk about your issues with a professional that cares about you and believe in your ability to find the best solution for you. 

A therapist can help you make sense of everything you are thinking and feeling

Feel Connected Again

In our work together, I will help you feel fulfilled with your life and relationships. To build the strength to navigate life’s challenges with less worry and more confidence. 

If you feel ready to take the next step, contact me today.

Contact Me If You Are Ready To Take The Next Step


"At the end of the day, you can either focus on what is tearing you apart, or what's keeping you together"

– Anonymous

Get Help When You Need It

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