How Can Counselling Help?

If you suffered a traumatic sexual or physical experience, you might be feeling an uncontrollable and confusing pool of emotions. Numbness, anxiety, anger, depression, hyper-alertness, shame, guilt.

You might doubt whether you even deserve help if you didn’t scream and fight, or if you didn’t rush to tell someone. But whatever happened, was a normal reaction to an extremely overwhelming and difficult situation. 

You want things to get better, but thinking about what happened just makes you feel worse. So you might doubt that counselling is really the solution. After all, how is re-living the hardest thing that has happened to you supposed to help?

Counselling Is About The Present

The goal of counselling is not reliving the traumatic past. The goal of counselling is to help you deal with the present. To help you face the day and have a happier and more positive outlook on life. 

We will talk about the feelings and thoughts you are having right now. I will listen to you attentively and respect you. A therapy session is a safe place where you can feel relaxed enough to talk about things that feel unsafe.  

A good therapist will honour whatever feelings and thoughts you are having, so you can talk about what is troubling you without feeling like you need to be defensive or bracing for the disappointment of not being taken seriously.  

Enjoying Life Again Is Possible. 

Talking through and making sense of what you are feeling can help you feel calm again. It can help you feel more positive about life in general and your ability to thrive and move past your challenges. Life can become more manageable, and after some time you will start to enjoy it. 

The next step is the most difficult step: reaching out. If you feel like you need support, then please contact me or schedule your free consultation to find if we are a good fit. 

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"Surround yourself with those who believe in you. Your life is too important for anything less."

– Steve Goodier

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